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Intermittent (but persistent) slowdowns on ADSL2+ in Perth

I have had now several months of intermittent poor performance on ADSL 2+, Perth. The last few days have been particularly terrible - bringing me here.


Periods last anywhere from minutes to several hours. During these periods latency to local servers is around 3000ms, Oz Broadband speed tests put the connection speeds at lower than a 10th of the maximum, and the internet is, for all practical purposes, unusable.


I have called Telstra Support several times and in a Kafkaesque way every time the problem stops occuring they resolve the ticket, without doing anything. 


I have checked the line using the modems diagnostics and there are no indications of noise or interference. I have tried an isolation test and several different modems, to no avail. I have run pathping command in Windows to verify that the problem nodes begin at the first hop in the Telstra Network. All of this does not help against Telstra's support which have now on three occasions resolved the problem by waiting for it to go away. 


As mentioned, it has been particularly bad these last few days: both of the last two evenings for several hours. Intermittently for over an hour this morning. 

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Intermittent (but persistent) slowdowns on ADSL2+ in Perth

Heya rafraf22,

This is definitely no good, I apologise we have yet to resolve the issues you are experiencing with your service. :\

Could you please send me a Private Message and we'll go from there in ensuring we're doing all we can to give you the best possible service.

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