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Intermittent Internet on Cable DespiteNew Modem and Cable

A Few Months Ago our home cable broadband would drop out intermittently; every 5 minutes or so the internet would be down for roughly 30 seconds to a minute. This issue is at its worst until the evening (maybe 8pm),


I called telstra technical support and they ran me through a series of disconnecting and reconnecting various cables and power cords; this was unsuccsessful and they proceeded to send out a technician.


The technician replaced the cable, as he said it appeared mildly damaged; this too was unsuccsessful in solving my drop-outs. 


I purchased the Gateway Max cable modem. While internet speeds were increased in the uptime, the drop outs did not change, remaining just as frequent.



The way the issue manifests itself is that for about 10 seconds upload fails but download continues; this means that web elements continue to function or load but are unable to receive input. Shortly after this I am told I have limited access, or simply web pages fail to load. Thanks to the installation of the newGateway Max modem I now get the error displayed in my browser as "Your WAN connection is down".


tl;dr: Frequent drop outs in Lane Cove (2066) area, issue not router or cable or computer.



Any help would be appreciated,



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Re: Intermittent Internet on Cable DespiteNew Modem and Cable

If the replacement cable did not fix the issue then you will need to speak to technical support again. Now that the modem and the cable directly from your home to the street have been eliminated as the cause we need to look deeper into the network for an issue.

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