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Internet & Foxtel Unusable for a month

So around the 14th of December my internet dropped out without warning, turns out there is planned maintenance until the 24/12. (Cable getting 1-2 Mbit down from 120) (Foxtel unwatchable due to dropouts.)

So fine I tethered my phone so i could use the Internet for 10 days and watch shows i wanted.

So the 24th rolls around, Maintenance extended to the 30th....

and on the 30th Maintenance extended to 9th Januray....

Just wondering if I have to pay for the service that I haven't been getting for 3.5 weeks? my bill is due in a few days and I don't want to be charged the 2 services I haven't been able to use (Cable and Foxtel).

Lucky I had around 80 gig data banked on my moblie, I'm patient but help me out here....

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Re: Internet & Foxtel Unusable for a month

@Dz1 By all means, call Telstra Billing on 13 22 00 and explained to them the issue, and you should be credited for the days without service.


EG (As an example), Bill $100 for 30 days = $3.30 per day. 10 days without service = $33.00 credit.

Footnote: I dont work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.

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