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internet bundle changed

I don't think I cancelled my old bundle properly and I ordered another bundle, what will happen?

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: internet bundle changed

Hello @TheKnuckler,


Thanks for your message, apologies for any confusion updating your services.


Crowd Support is a community forum, no one here has access to your account, but

we can provide some general advice.


If the address of the the old bundle and the new bundle are the same, essentially it sounds

like you have just upgraded from one plan to another. If you do cancel a service, then request 

another (rather than upgrade an existing service) you would have to wait for us to re-activate the

service, which would mean you are without internet until that is actioned.


Our current plans are month to month, there is no fee to change plans, but you would need to

confirm with customer support to make sure, as you may be on an older offer.

There may also be some hardware repayment costs (like a modem) that need to be paid out as a

lump sum rather than monthly.


Support can be reached via the My Telstra App, open the App and sign in, head to the Get Help 

section and click on the blue speech bubble. The assistant will have some suggestions before

a team member is notified that further help is needed, they will be able to check what's happened.





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