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Internet Connection Problem.

I moved to a newly constructed house without any NBN access on 24/02/20.

I arranged for disconnect on 24/02 and reconnect to new house 25/02/20.

No body turned up.

Advised that I had been rescheduled to 19/03/20 for connection.

Tech turned up and found no underground cable to my new house.

Arranged for NBN to come and install.

NBN came 26/03/20 and installed.

Now trying to get somebody to come and connect the house to the outside.

Very difficult to talk to anybody at present to arrange this.

This is not the big problem.

I have been using my Telstra Smart Modem and its auto Wi Fi ability at the new house without any problems - a bit slow but still ok.

On 24/03/20 this stopped working properly.

I could send emails and log onto some web sites.

I could nor log onto my Bank Web Site and some other web sites.

I can log onto everything normally using my mobile phone tethering with my computer.

What is wrong?


Thanks, Ross.



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