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Internet connection sharing doesn't work on tg797 v3


I have a telstra (Thomson/technicolor) tg797n v3 t-gateway which I have been unable to make work with windows Internet connection sharing(ICS). The host machine connection works correctly however sharing clients are unable to resolve names. The clients are DHCP client and receive a 192.168.137.nn address and have the hosts second NIC as gateway and dns addresses ( all as per the manual) however they are unable to resolve any names. NSLOOKUP comes back with a 192.18.1.nn address for any lookup and everything else fails to connect because 192.18.1.nn are not the correct address, or even reachable.

If I replace the tg797 with another modem ( I've tried 3 others, 2 x Linksys and one Belkin ) it all works perfectly.


Something in the tg797 is preventing the shared clients from reaching a DNS server.


Curiously if I tell the tg797 to disconnect from the Internet the next search from a client browser is answered b the tg797 saying it is disconnected and asking do I want to connect, click yes connect and the browser comes back with a 404 unable to connect error.


There are sharing features in the 'Tool Box' menus but these refer to usb attached storage (gateway based NAS) and Internet initiated traffic (gaming and remote VPN) settings. I believe I have looked at every option on the tg797 to configure none seem to have any effect. Is there a setting or feature I'm missing ?


Any advice or option to test greatly appreciated.




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