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Internet Connection

I have had an NBN connection right from the start.  And it worked at 25 mbps. About 7 months ago, I left my wife and got a new house and a new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2, (Arcadyan LH1000) which worked phenomenally well in my new house.  After 6 months, I got back with my wife and I moved back into my original house and brought my Smart Modem back with me.  I then replaced the old ADSL/NBN router F@st5355 with my smart modem, having used it before and knew it was fast, but the NBN never worked again.  I rang Telstra and they sent out an NBN technician who checked my house and the connection node or whatever its called, 200 metres down the road.  The technician said some wires were exposed so he "rejoined" or "fixed" them.  He tested the line, did some adjustments and it was working again.  I got home from work and was able to use the internet again, at 25 Mbps, for three solid hours, then it went down again, this time for ever. Its been about 4 weeks, constant phone calls to 132200, all trying tests, pulling out cables, resetting my modem, replacing wires etc. I even borrowed a VDSL/NBN router to try that idea, NOTHING has worked. When I try to get onto the internet, it says my DNS is unavailable. I have NOT changed any settings to do with DNS or anything else. When I have my router connected, I have Online, Mobile Mode and Mobile signal lit up, but not WAN/DSL. And light on the front which is a solid blue.  Which denotes that mobile backup is working, but not even that works. Ive set DNS to auto, Which was already on auto, same as the Ipv4 and 6 settings which are all on auto.  I havent changed anything from the state that it was in when the internet was working.  I havent got anyone to help me, the phone calls to Telstra are basically useless and they even cancelled another NBN Technician to help me. This is frustrating.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Internet Connection

If WAN/ DSL light is of then there is fault between the Node and DSL port on the modem. If you have more than one phone socket try another phone socket. Make sure nothing is plugged into any spare sockets.


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