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Internet connection

Every time after there’s decent rain, I get dodgy/no internet connection at my home. Every time I’m on the phone with Telstra for at least 90minutes to see if the “problem” is from within my home. Every time I the need to wait up to 2-3 weeks for a technician to attend on a Saturday (because, oddly enough, I work full time and can’t be home when they’re available during the week) for them to spend an hour or so checking my place out then going outside to check their lines. Every time, it’s not my place that’s the problem, but it’s the ancient outside Telstra lines that get wet in the rain and need repair. This is now the 4th time in less than a year that this as occurred. Enough is enough Telstra. This is not the service I signed up for or am happy with. There’s no mention of the NBN services yet to my area. How about you fix the problem properly rather than popping a crappy bandaid on it? Ready to leave Telstra and find a better telco.

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Re: Internet connection

Changing Telco in your case will not change anything as it will still be the same copper wires that you are relying on, so it will still fail when you get heavy rain.


Your best chance of getting it repaired properly is to lodge a formal complaint via https://telstra.com/complaints

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Re: Internet connection

Thanks Jupiter

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