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Internet Continuous Disruption (Cable & Back-up modem)

Dear Telstra,

The uninterrupted network service you promised me when I signed up with you for 2 years of (unlimited data) internet service is terrible.......and your email sent today (14 Jan 2019) tells me on the 18th Jan it will only get worse.

It took nearly 6 months and ultimately intervention from the Ombudsman to get the $90/month bundle for unlimited data charge correct......some months I was charged (incorrectly!!) more than $800/month .......and an unbelievably huge number of hours on the phone EACH month raising the SAME issue over & over.

It was, in fact, amazing how quickly this was resolved once the Ombudsman stepped in! And I am ever thankful for that intervention.

So given you found it SO DIFFICULT to correctly deal with an administrative system, I should not be too surprised that the back-up technology which you promised me would provide uninterrupted internet service DOES NOT work.......after all, technology is so much more complex to implement than a standard monthly charge.

The internet service that you have provided me is fabulous for limiting almost all my data usage (so perhaps, I oversubscribed when I entered a contract for unlimited data) but not so good for my stress levels.......

It sometimes takes more than 2 hours to watch a 45minute episode on Netflix. And more often than not, I rarely get to hear more than a few seconds of a song on Spotify if it is connected to my Sonos speakers. My ability to parallel process (eg. listen to music from the internet AND search for something on my computer) has also been impacted more often than not..........and even when using the internet by itself to book accommodation & flights for a recent overseas trip - it took several hours to make only a few bookings .......

Whilst I appreciate the opportunity to simplify my life, I am cognisant of the fact that I have a contract with Telstra that charges me $90/month for an uninterrupted service.........and the inability of Telstra to live up to its part of the contract whilst expecting me to live up to mine, is galling.

I have been down the pathway of raising the internet continuity/delay/speed issue with your customer service department but frankly after more than 40minutes on the phone, being told my internet service is fine , then being transferred to another person and being asked to go through the entire saga again and then being hung up on when I asked to speak to the persons supervisor - I think my time is better spent sending something to the Ombudsman, rather than spending more hours of my life explaining over and over again the SAME issue and not being provided a resolution. (As was the case with the standard monthly charge)

I look forward to the 18th as per your email, at least on that day I will get the service that you are commiting to........and surely that is progress!!

Oh and by the way, I am a Telstra shareholder.

It gives me pause to think about how badly my company who provides a service, deals with the issues raised by recipients of that service ......and makes me wonder what metrics the CEO and Board are looking at - surely, they can’t think issues such as these which speak to provision, (or more accurately,inability to provide) of a very BASIC service are”good business”.......and if they do, perhaps my money is better invested in another customer focussed business that prides itself on delivering both profit and great or even more reliable service.

Thanks again for your note about the service interruption on 18th

By the way, this is my 2nd attempt at submitting this issue. The first time my message wouldn’t send as my network internet connection (provided by Telstra) could not be found. So I’ve switched my wifi and am using the mobile data that Optus provides me as part of my mobile phone plan with them. Yes, thankfully when taking out home broadband and mobile phone plans, I took the wise decision to diversify.....

Best Regards,

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Re: Internet Continuous Disruption (Cable & Back-up modem)

I ALWAYS pay my Telstra account well in advance of due payment, but when my Mother was sick & then died, I realized I had forgotten to pay it on the due date. It was the ONLY time in 26 years of being a Telstra customer that I paid it late. I paid it less than 24 hours late and was charged a $15 late payment fee. I have just received an email saying my internet will be unavailable for 7 hours while Telstra do maintenance. As I will not be able to use their service which I am paying for during this time, will I receive compensation for the hours that I am unable to use the service that I am paying for? Surely if I can be fined $15 for paying LESS than 24 hours late, Telstra should have to reimburse me for the hours that they don't provide the service they have a contract with me to provide?
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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Internet Continuous Disruption (Cable & Back-up modem)

Could you start by giving us some information that we could use to try and hel you? The rant is all well and good but is ultimately useless in this forum.

Can you tell us what type of connection you have, which model modem, and post your modem connection stats (the ones that say what the speeds are and signal to noise ratio)?

Then we might be able to offer some advice to get you a real solution, if possible.
Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: Internet Continuous Disruption (Cable & Back-up modem)

I don't think its meant to be a support request, it is a letter to Telstra. (as per the opening)

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Internet Continuous Disruption (Cable & Back-up modem)

I'm aware of that, hence why I said that the rant is pretty much useless here (as this isn't an official communications channel).

It is however, a support site (primarily community based), hence the "Support" in Crowdsupport. That is why I am offering assistance. People can rant here all they want (within reason) and those of us who are here regularly (I've been here for nearly 6 years now - end of this month will be my 6th Anniversary on this forum) will still offer assistance. Sometimes all it takes is someone from outside the Telstra system to be able to point someone in a better direction or provide the right terminology for someone to be able to communicate with the frontline consultants effectively and get the problem solved.
Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
Support Team
Support Team

Re: Internet Continuous Disruption (Cable & Back-up modem)

Hi @MZapp


I apologise for the Cable internet troubles you have been experiencing, appreciate that it's very frustrating and inconvenient. 


Has there been any progress on this for you since your post? 

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