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Internet down in Braddon, ACT (2612)?

I've had no internet since midday yesterday at my home in Braddon, ACT. When firing up a webpage, I get a connection error stating there is no DSL connection (I'm on ADSL2+). The ECO light on the modem is solid red (reading around this can either mean a service error linked to the provider or a buggered modem), the wireless light is solid green (drops out every so often and I can't connect) but the ethernet and WAN lights are flashing constantly.


Did the usual restart modem, change splitters, etc., with no success. Called Telstra tech support yesterday evening and after the usual trouble shooting of the modem (20 mins worth including a hard reset of the modem) was informed there is scheduled maintanance in the area for the next 24-48 hours so I can expect no connection for a while. 


**UPDATE: Got in touch with Telstra tech support again to follow up, and have been informed that there is no maintenance in my area - never was and there also isn't any scheduled in the future (not happy I've been lied to here...)


However, my neighbor (who is with Telstra) has internet, and there is no scheduled maintanance for the area according to the Telstra Service Status page. The phone also works fine, no line problems or echos. 


Anyone else in the area experiencing problems? Or perhaps someone from Telstra could clear this up?



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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Internet down in Braddon, ACT (2612)?

Hi rbui008, from the information I can find there's a reported fault with some equipment in the Braddon exchange - this may not affect all broadband services in the area, so it's possible some people on the same street may have access while others don't. Replacement parts have been ordered and are scheduled for delivery tomorrow (Thursday 17/10), with a technician booked for installation as soon as the parts arrive.

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