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Internet down - No-one answering the phone

So I lost my Cable Internet on Saturday morning.

Reboot modem, no WAN. Check status page, it says no outage. Call Telstra, they say there's no-one there to answer the phone (seriously wtf?!) and if I leave my number they'll call back.

Internet was offline for the whole day and came back up about 9pm, but at no point did I get a call.

Internet worked fine all day yesterday, but today the same problem, no WAN. It's now 2 days and no-one has called me back, and there's no way to contact them. Is it even legal to offer a paid service with no way of contacting the service provider when it breaks?



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Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: Internet down - No-one answering the phone

Still nothing.. Can anybody help?

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Re: Internet down - No-one answering the phone

our NBN service is down for a few days already. when we call telstra, no one answer call. text us a link to check online, then following the link, it said we need to call. 

Telstra service is really crap, I have never been able to talk to a staff on call. When there's a problem, good luck!

The best way to avoid the headache is, do NOT use Telstra. I have decided to change my plan to another ISP.

I have used Telstra plan twice, everytime end up with **bleep**. Pick a small company, price cheaper, and when there's problem, you can always reach out to them on call. Where Telstra, you pay more and get **bleep**!

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