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Internet keeps dropping out

My internet keeps dropping out and the only way i can get to use it is to restart the computer.  I am doing this up to 20 times per day to average maybe 5 minutes usage at a time.


Also am paying for 200GB per month plan with Telstra.  We get a email saying we have reached half way normally about 4-5 days out of refresh and they slow us up that badly we cannot use it. Does anyone else have this problem. Spoke to someone tonight about it and was told there is nothing they can do. We need to monitor our usage and then we can log some form or something.  I am totally lost


Anyone got any ideas

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Internet keeps dropping out

Did you mean restart the gateway?

Having to restart the computer and using a lot of data would indicate that your computer might be infected with a botnet virus.

Run your virus scanner and see if it detects any viruses. Even if  the virus scanner doesn't detect a virus it doesn't mean it isn't effected.


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