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Internet keeps dropping out

For the last 2 mths I'm going without internet almost All day at least comes back on for a bit then goes again I've constantly messaged Telstra and rang Telstra they say they will monitor the issue for 24 hrs they do then I get told there is no problem I still have this issue it's been constantly on going for 8 weeks does anyone have any advice or anything because if this don't get resolved I've been advised to go to the telecommunications ombudsmen because I have all the dates and times it has gone out and evidence of all the messages while talking to Telstra to say the issue is resolved any help would be appreciated before I have to take this further thanks ☺️

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Internet keeps dropping out

If you haven't already suggest you lodge a complaint with Telstra. I have had several issues resolved after lodging a complaint. There is information on how to lodge a complaint at link below.


Make a complaint (

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Internet keeps dropping out

You could look at the times to see if there is a pattern- it could coincide with something.


Also, when you say that the internet is failing, how are you determining that?.

 If you are using a WiFi network to perform your check, the WiFi signal itself could be implicated.


It could help to run speed tests at the times in question and record the results.

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