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Internet practally not existant

My nbn internet after being restored is only giving me 5kbs download, we pay for 50Mbs download and can't even be given the bare minimum. Anyone else having this problem in yarra ranges victoria

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Re: Internet practally not existant

You can check for outages using the Telstra Outages webpage

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Internet practally not existant

Was your internet service impacted by storm damage?  If so, it might only be a partial fix at this stage.


If you have a Smart Modem 2, then you have 4G backup, which might give a better performance provided there isn't congestion on the 4G services as a result of storm damage. Disconnect the cable from either the RED WAN port or GREY DSL port on the modem and wait a few minutes for the 4G Mode to activate (a steady blue indicator on the front will indicate when it is ready)..  see how that works.


Note: you may need to change some settings to allow everything to work in 4G mode..  if the modem switches but you have trouble accessing the internet, report back here and you can get advice on how to make those changes.

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