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Internet Service Failures 3135 Melbourne

Over several months the area in which I am located (East Ringwood Melbourne 3135) has had continuing sevice problems which I am constantly told by customer service is explained by maintenance work in the area. Exactly how many Bigpond service in this area have been affected and can these outages be explained? I have three close neghbours who are experiencing the sam Bigpond issues. Three technicians have been out to check the modem and the last service technitian changed the line connection to the house. He indicated the connections we rusted out and as there was a spare one he changed my connection to that. He could not assure me that this wouls overcome the problems. He was correct it has not! My frustration is at its limit so can someone please advise me on the following:  1. Is the area 3135 a "black spot" for Telstra. On my mobile the connection is most time at the lowest bar. If this is the case can Telstra please be open and direct in advising me on the action they are taking to overcome the problem. 


Robert Bates <removed for your privacy>

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Internet Service Failures 3135 Melbourne

Hi Bateslog,


I can see there was an issue logged for Cable broadband services on the 28th to 30th of November which would have affected services in the area. Unfortunately a technical reason is not listed in the service status. If the problem has continued please  use the sms or email link from the previous contact with technical support to organise a callback or call 133933 to have them followup.


With mobile coverage the suburb is showing some areas of poor indoor coverage for 4G which could be coming from hills, trees, other large building etc. There are no changes due to the area.


- Dane

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