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Internet slowness and dropouts



Ive recently moved from iiNet to Telstra due to bundling mobiles, broadband and the foxtel deal. I had someone come and set it all up which is fine.


With iiNet i had wireless internet coverage throughout the entire house and it was stable. Since moving to Telstra, the wireless coverage isnt there (so I assumed the device wasnt as powerful as iinet). It was suggested i get a range extender which I have. I work from home, which I stressed on signup so reliability was important. Since my signup i have connection dropouts atleast 5 times a day and poor speed at times.


I first tried with the range extender and was getting 12MB download speeds which is good, which then dropped to 0.9MB, to no connection and back up to 12MB. This repeats throughout the day. Being an analytical person, i thought the range extender could be having problems, or there is a conflict in frequency. So i disconnected from the range extender and started working on the floor next to the Telstra router to take out the range extender from the equation. The same happens directly connecting to the Telstra router. Any ideas to why? Is the quality this much different between telstra and iinet. Everything (internet wise) just worked with them.


Connecting directly through ethernet isnt an option as my office is in another room and need wifi. The point is the competition can work fine in my environment. Any thoughts on how to resolve this?


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Re: Internet slowness and dropouts

I have the same issue with my Telstra modem as well as the crappy T-Hub that drops out almost daily.


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Re: Internet slowness and dropouts


I have constant issues with dropout and slowness. The symptoms suggest that Telstra 'cycles' service, disconnecting from idle connections, to save money of course. I travel a lot and whenever I return, service is terrible. After harrassing Telstra and providing steadier demand, things pick up again, but only until I return from my next trip away.


It's just Telstra cost cutting and reducing service accordingly.

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Internet slowness and dropouts

Hi All,


When it comes to WiFi signal issues, the following link should help provide information on what to check and some changes that may also help you to improve the coverage inside your home.It also includes the link to download the Telstra WiFi Maximiser App which helps to map the coverage so that you can compare the results after making changes. http://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/General-Internet-KB/WiFi-Troubleshooting/ta-p/107516   


If you continue to experience difficulties with the WiFi coverage in your home after performing the above checks, then you do have the option of using a different router of your choice. 


Internet services such as ADSL, Velocity and in some circumstances NBN can use BYO modems and Cable and NBN services can bridge the modem to a BYO router by disabling the WiFi and the NAT in the provided modems.


- Shelly

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