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Internet Speed

Moved to a new house in January from Ferntree Gully where I had 100Mbps Internet speed to Boronia and have been trying to get premium speed since the move but best I can get is 50Mbps. Order for Premium was put in on 13th January but so far, no change. Every time I contact Telstra, I get that it is in provisioning. The street has NBN FTTC which should support 100Mbps. Must be time I moved to another supplier.

Anyone else in the area having similar problems?


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Internet Speed

It shouldn't be stuck in provisioning for that long. Lodge a formal complaint via to see if they can get it moving. The original order may need to be cancelled and a new one placed. It should only take 48 hours for it to be applied.

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