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Internet speeds decreased

My internet speeds have decreased in the last month or so from up load of 2.5mbs and download of 65.79 mbs to half of both those speeds.

I have also recently changed plan from 1000 gig to 500 gig per month.

I have noticed the option on my account to increase my internet speeds for a fee of $20 per month.

Is this Telstras new thing to decrease the speeds then charge to boost them back up?

I'm on cable in Wellington Point 4160 Brisbane.

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Re: Internet speeds decreased

Sounds like you had the speedboost included in your prior plan (Which is usually $20), which is not included as part of your new plan


Standard cable is up to 30 down (generally you get 36 or so), and  up to 1 up. With the speed boost is is up to 100 down, up to 2.4up


This is not a new thing, you have always had to pay for the speedboost if it wasn't included in a bundle special promotion or whatnot

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Re: Internet speeds decreased

Thanks for the response. I thought as much but getting an answer from customer assistance yesterday was next to impossible.

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