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Internet Speeds going up and down

We had this issue before and called the Telstra support and got it fixed after hours of talking and them checking the line. we even had someone come down and fix the line. 

Its normal level of speed for the internet is 8 Megabits down and 1-2 Megabits Up (ADSL2+)

before when this happened it dropped down to 1 Megabits down and 0.25 Megabits up (can barely load any page)

this time it was a 2.5 Megabits Down and 0.3 Megabits Up and when I checked it again it said DSL Reconnecting (initializing) and halved the speed to 1.25 Megabits down and 0.15 Megabits up.

Both the previous and current issue had a text just before it telling us that the Telstra modem has switched over to the mobile network and Telstra will reconnect you as soon as possible and then it switched back to the cable not even a minute after

(which means the internet line didn't go down)

Why does this keep happening? It's stopping me and others from using the internet to do work.

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Re: Internet Speeds going up and down

Please post your modem stats so we can have a look and see whats going on:
On a Premium Home Network Gateway, T-Gateway, Gateway Max, or Gateway Max 2
(TG587, TG797, TG799, TG800): > Advanced > Broadband

On a Telstra Gateway
(Sagemcom F@st 5355): > Advanced > Gateway Settings > Device Info > General > xDSL (Bottom of Page)

On a Frontier Gateway or Smart Modem
(DJN2130 & DJA0230 ): > Advanced > Broadband

Default password is generally 'admin'
You're looking for line rates, power levels, attenuation etc

Are the tests being run over Ethernet or WiFi?
Are they being run during peak times (3PM-12AM)?
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Internet Speeds going up and down

You could still have a intermittent fault on your line. Could you post the DSL diagnostics. These will indicate any problem with line. > Advanced > Broadband > DSL Diagnostics


A lot of LOF, LOM or any Link Retrain Counts would indicate a problem with the link

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Re: Internet Speeds going up and down

My Router is the Frontier Gateway and these tests arent being done from a speedtest.net site. i go to my and see the speed there. Wifi connection (shouldn't have anything to do with it because it comes from the router)
- here are the stats (pic https://puu.sh/AEaIt/1f627de4c4.png)
DSL Status
DSL Uptime
5 hours 8 minutes 13 seconds
DSL Type
DSL Mode
Maximum Line rate
0.1 Mbps 1.58 Mbps
Line Rate
0.17 Mbps 1.67 Mbps
Data Transferred
492.59 MBytes 1379.21 MBytes
Output Power
12.4 dBm 18.3 dBm
Line Attenuation
32.1 dB 50 dB
Noise Margin
3.8 dB 5.1 dB
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Re: Internet Speeds going up and down

I had a look and dont understand it, but i remember looking at the DSL bit loading when it was 8mbps and it was significatly bigger with more dots now its tiny.
DSL stats
Parameters Last 15 min Current Day Prior Day Showtime
Link Retrain Count 0 6 0 0
Sync Bandwitdh(Down/Up) - - - 1.67M/0.17M
Loss of Sync,LOS(Local/Remote) 0/0 4/76 0/0 0/1
Loss of Framming,LOF(Local/Remote) 0/0 4/76 0/0 0/1
Loss of Margin,LOM(Local/Remote) 0/0 0/9 0/0 0/0
Forward Error Correction,FEC 0/0 10905/19429 0/0 30969/80645
Cyclic Redundancy Correction,CRC 0/40 1283/14001 0/0 87/1493
Errored Seconds,ES 0/21 370/3931 0/0 28/510
Severely Errored Seconds,SES 0/0 33/291 0/0 5/9
Unavailable Seconds,UAS 0/0 1162/1223 0/0 0/0
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Internet Speeds going up and down

It looks like you have a fault in the connection between the DSLAM in the exchange and your modem.

The Link retrain count is the number of times the modem has had to disconnect to re-synchronize the link. This has happened 8 times in past 24 hours. On a good link you should only see a few or no other errors apart from FEC errors which occur on all DSL links. Do you hear any noise on the phone if you do could report a fault with the phone this will have more chance of getting fixed.

If you have more than one phone socket could try another socket and to check whether its a faulty ADSL filter could also try connecting modem directly to phone socket.


The number maximum number of bits per tone in the DSL bit loading graph will depend on line attenuation and noise. The number of bits per tone should gradually decrease as the frequency of the tone increases. If there is not gradual decrease in bits as frequency increases then this will also indicate a problem.

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