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Internet speeds in Baldivis WA



I am currently paying for ADSL2 at home in Baldivis WA. It is painfully slow especially during peak usage times.


I have contacted Telstra about this and the excuse I get is "congestion". Why am i paying for ADSL2 speeds when I cant get them? It can te 5 minutes to download a song from iTunes that might only be 4-5Mb in size sometimes, and streaming video is even worse, Constantly stopping and starting while tryiing to watch something gets annoying after a while.


There must be something to do to fix this.



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Internet speeds in Baldivis WA

Hi Rolly4x4,


ADSL is a best effort service, which means that speed depends on a number of factors including cable distance and demand on the exchanges. Consequently there is no price difference between ADSL and ADSL2+ services. 


Telstra BigPond are aware of how the high demand on the exchanges can impact our customers and steps are being taken to upgrade exchanges, however this will take time. The following link provides information on which DSLAMs have planned upgrades, when they are expected to be completed, along with those that have already had the upgrades. This spreadsheet is updated regularly, so check again later if you don't see your exchange listed here.



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