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Internet works but impossible to access Blizzard games, Steam and origin.

So my internet works, I can browse and download etc, however for the past 3 days I havent been able to access any online gaming servers lik Blizzard games (Battlenet), Steam or origin. I have tried a different ISP tethered to my machine and everything worked as it should. Switch back to Telstra cable and nothing works. What the hell. I call and told it will be escalated because it's a problem with my IP address. 


This is rubbish, one day it works perfectly and next Nope!


I haven't changed anything with my network, modem or system, I have tried to trouble shoot everything from ipconfig and dns flush and nothing. I have been told by techs that they have reset the signal from the exchange but the IP address won't change. 


What am I meant to do? Cancel my contract and try with another ISP that works because they can give me an IP address that will work? Has anyone come across this or can suggest anything that actually might help?



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Re: Internet works but impossible to access Blizzard games, Steam and origin.

So disabling NAT (bridge mode) allowed the battlenet app to access the server. But no other devices could connect except my PC. Is it worthwhile bridging the modem and connecting a router? I've never done it before and not sure if there will be any issues. 


Telstra seem unwilling to help. Escalation seems to go nowhere as no one calls back.

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Re: Internet works but impossible to access Blizzard games, Steam and origin.

You're actually halfway to getting an IP change, which may ultimately resolve the issue


Bridging and then resetting the modem back to router mode (NAT mode on) has about a 75% chance of changing the public IP you have (You can get up to 4 public IP's concurrently on a cable service). However, if you left wifi on when you bridged, all the addresses may of been assigned to whatever devices were connected to the modem at the time (If more then 4). This can take anywhere from a couple of hours to 24 to clear and allow the modem to reconnect to the internet


If it doesn't resolve the issue when you've re-enabled NAT and connected back to the internet with a different IP, i would say it is a modem problem. In which case plugging a router in would be beneficial


Connecting a router is relatively easy. Disable WiFi on the Cable modem and then bridge it. Run ethernet from LAN port on Modem to WAN port on router and that's basically it

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