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Just moved house to bracken ridge 4017 in Brisbane. We have a telstra box on the side of the house which seems to connect to the overhead phone lines. After a loooong online chat with telstra they say only internet available is mobile broadband.. isn't an internet telstra box like this an ADSL phone line connection?? Telstra online are refusing to make a call back to me to resolve..seems like they are not interested in new customers! Frustrated. 

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Re: Internet

Unusual for Telstra to be not interested in new customers!! Normally they take priority..


Have a look at this site:


put your address in and see what services are available to you - it's a good place to start.


You might have a box on the wall (and it is possibly cable/hfc) but that is no guarantee there is a service available to the premises..

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Re: Internet

You can also enter your address into to see what technology type is being used in the area. It looks like nearly all of that suburb is HFC, but there is a small pocket that is listed as FTTP, but isn't shown as being active. If you are in that location, it would mean that you are in a "blackspot" in that the area is NBN serviceable, but the property isn't (but it also means that Telstra services can't be connected either).

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