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IP being blocked by Telstra?

Hi There!
I own a Game server (Garry's Mod) and it's run on a new dedicated server I got (I had a weaker VPS with a different IP which people could connect to). However, it seems as if the IP is being blocked by Telstra as I can connect on Voda another friend can connect on AB however 3 other people I know who all have Telstra cannot connect. The IP is (:27069 at the moment, have tried changing the port to no avail)

Is it possible that Telstra is blocking connections to this IP? Maybe that IP was used by someone else previously for malicious purposes?

The reason I think it could be Telstra is everyone I know who is on Telstra cannot connect to my server, however, anyone else on other companies can.

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: IP being blocked by Telstra?

Ok, it seems unblocked now!

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