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IPV6 Issue After Network Outage

Today I lost my Telstra NBN HFC service for a couple of minutes and then the modem connected automatically. I kept on working without apparent issues.


Tonight, I used a couple of apps on my mobile devices and noticed some connectivity issues. Strange! Later, I loaded Kodi on my media centre and went to the YouTube addon only to find it would not load my subscriptions lists.


Having seen this issue before, I suspected IPV6 I had an issue.


I opened up a command prompt and entered ping -6 www.google.com. It would resolved Google IPV6 address but it would not respond to pings. ( 4 x Time Out). Pinging Google's using IPV4, no problems.


I have had to disable IPV6 on my router to eliminate issues.


I suspect that NBN or Telstra made a network change as my external IP address changed from 120.x.x.x to 110.x.x.x.

Does anyone else have issue with IPV6 on their NBN HFC service?




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Re: IPV6 Issue After Network Outage

Hi - I have HFC NBN and can ping -6 Google successfully. Do you have a Telstra Gen 2, Gen 1.1 or a Frontier modem and if so, when you lost NBN, did the modem go into 4G LTE mode (blue LED on front of Gen 2).


If you haven't tried this already, you could re-institute IPV6, SAVE, then Power down the Telstra modem for five minutes, also power down the NBN Arris modem for 5 mins, then bring up the Arris modem first, then reconnect the Telstra modem to see if it returns back to standard operating mode. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: IPV6 Issue After Network Outage

Could you do a IPv6 trace route to google.com with Ipv6 enabled in modem and post the results?


If you have a Gen 2 modem what version is it? Is it the DJA0231 or the LH1000?

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