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Is anyone else experiencing a problem with Telstra's customer service ?

I have spent weeks dealing with them and have got to a stage where, what they say means very little. My problem has been slow Adsl2, for what I suspect for years and them dealing with there customer service , who is often challenged by the disjointed departments ( the left hand doesn't know what the rights doing ) .

After waiting 3.5 hours on Saturday 14th of april , I received a call saying that the service man would be late, as he is being held up and that, 'could I be home latter'? "I explained that I couldn't", but gave a contact number . Which sufficed. And then heard nothing more! Today I called the the 133933 number and got a recording stating that "the job had been rescheduled for the 17th and that I must be at the premises between 8am and 12 pm".

Annoyed at the state of affairs, I stayed on the line. When connected, I rambled off my usual id (so sick of this) to a nice lady, who gave me very little more info, "than the recording". When asked about why they couldn't have contacted me about the rescheduled appointment? And reminding, about enduring four hours at home Saturday and then, the call back process today. The operator informed me that a voicemail had been sent , I thanked her and hung up " thinking it was my fault i didn't check my voicemail ".

Checked my voicemail- "nothing" Is this common for telstra staff ?? I realise I am just a "Nobody" and everyone is extremely sorry ! But, I am "just so sick of the spin and untrustworthy practices that go on" All I expect is for the service I pay for , Is that too much to ask for ? "on a side note:- I Now have to deal with the billing department because now all my 6 mobiles have ran up extra Data" Lord give me strength?

Further to writing this post ! I have just received an "odd phone call" saying that it was telstra and the service man is definitely coming tomorrow and it will be fixed. Call me paranoid But it is quite the coincidence, it has happened while drafting this post !

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Re: Is anyone else experiencing a problem with Telstra's customer service ?

Yes, I am so annoyed right now. I have spend all morning on the phone transferred all over the world nobody can answer my problem in fact the last person disconnected me. Frustrated much??

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