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Is Skymuster really the only option when they are already using ADSL ?

I'm helping out a local charity "Riding for the disabled" who's Internet was just disconnected by TPG as they no longer support ADSL plans. They are in the metro area 72 Pine Road Woodcroft SA and currently use ADSL2+. An NBN address check says they can connect to NBN but only by Skymuster satellite. The property backs on to residential houses that support FTTN. Surely they are connected to the same exchamge as the houses so NBN FTTN should be available. Can anyone do an NBN check via phone number to see if its just an erro in the coverage maps ? Phone number <phone number removed to protect your privacy>

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Re: Is Skymuster really the only option when they are already using ADSL ?

I am afraid it looks like the information on type of service is correct. If you go to this site and enter the address then make sure "Show type of service" you will find the address only has satellite available.


Not everyone connected to the same exchange gets the same type of service. It depends on whether the population density justifies the cost of another node. The property by be too far from the nearest node and NBN Co can't justify installing another node. It has been announced recently that some areas that have a poor service now will be upgrade in the next three years, The location might be one of those that is to be upgraded. In the meantime there might be another ADSL provider you can connect to.


This is a public forum so I will request a moderator to remove your private details.


Your only other option is to request a change of Technology type.



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