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Is there something wrong with my internet?

Could someone please explain to me why I'm getting such low upload speeds, also could someone also tell me if there's a way to fix it, I've tried resetting the modem but it doesn't help, I've also tested it on other devices and I'm receiving the same low upload speed, I was gonna upload a photo but my upload speed is so slow it doesn't allow it, I have 50mbps download but around 0.01 upload, what do I do?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Is there something wrong with my internet?

Do you have NBN HFC. There have been quiet a few reports of this occurring and it seems to be with NBN HFC connections. If you haven't already lodge a fault with Telstra support. Last time this happened it was a fault in the NBN network. Best way to contact support is to use the messaging function in the My Telstra app's get help section. See post below.



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Re: Is there something wrong with my internet?

I think it's called "Telstra internet" Smiley Sad 


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