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Is your cable broadband reliable?

Appreciate i will not get faults fixed via crowdsupport (currently have open tickets/complaints for that), but wanted to ask the community a question.


How reliable is your cable broadband? Can you sustain an internet connection 24x7 for days?


The reason for asking, i'm a new(ish) customer and have been connected for 2 months, most of the time...

Therein lies the problem, i don't believe i have had a period of more than 48 hours without disruption, where a disruption has been an outage of between 5 mins and 4 hours.


I acknowldge there has been numerous outages and planned mainenance according to Telstra service status, yet on many occasion i have faults it is not in this time period.


The impact of unreliability is severe, unable to rely on the internet connection so cannot work from home (need audio/video) and forget trying to stream netflix.


Sure, i've logged calls, "turned it off and on again", had engineers visit etc. but no end in sight - hence complaint.


Is this normal? What are others experiences with service availability?


I have requested an SLA but no response.


Working in IT, i have configured a network monitoring solution to measure the internet connection (Smokeping if interested). This is useful to test multiple websites (E.g. Telstra, SMH etc.) and confirm sustained packet loss. Autogenerating emails when all these tests fail and again when the service resumes give an accurate picture of the unreliable nature of my connection.


Am i the only one experience such issues? I kinda hope so...



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Re: Is your cable broadband reliable?

Residential grade services don't have a SLA the way that business services do. Customer terms are found in the below link




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Re: Is your cable broadband reliable?

Talking to people I am not the only one to get extended outages for 11++ from Sat 4 Jun
From this article:
A consumer law lecturer, Professor Aviva Freilich at the University of Western Australia, previously told The New Daily that Telstra customers may have a right to further compensation beyond any offers made by the company.
Under consumer law, any service offered in Australia – such as a phone plan – must be supplied with due care and skill. If the service provider makes a guarantee that the service is fit for a particular purpose, they must usually fulfil that guarantee. And if the customer makes the supplier aware that they need the service for a particular purpose, it should usually meet that extra requirement.
“If there’s an argument that Telstra has been negligent or haven’t done it properly, the consumer could terminate the contract and they could also get [monetary] damages,” Prof Freilich said at the time.
The expert advised that disgruntled customers contact Telstra, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and perhaps even the consumer watchdog, the ACCC.





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