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Joining a VPN using TG587n

Hi Guys, 


Tried ringing the support line for Telstra, but they say that VPN is out of scope for consumer. When speaking to business they say they can't help because it's a consumer product. 

My issue is that it allows me to establish the connection, but I can't access any of the servers or the likes. 

The VPN definitely works, it works with several other ISPS (Optus, People telecom and Primus it works on my phone with Telstra as well) but it seems to be isolated to this one user whos home internet is Telstra, using the TG587n modem.. 

Anyone else having an issue like the above? 



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Re: Joining a VPN using TG587n

I havnt used a proper VPN for some time, but from what your saying it seems ports are getting blocked, do you have the required ports forwarded on your router?

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