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Just when I thought Telstra couldnt get any worse

Ok so I have had an NBN FTTC internet connection with Telstra for just over 12 months.

I have been without Internet (excluding the slow backup sim) for 7 months of the 12 months

Thats correct my service has been disconnected due to faults more than it has been up.

Initially when I first ordered the NBN I received a Telstra Modem but not an NBN modem.

When I called to report this I was told my order would need to be cancelled before they could send an NBN modem out?

When I called to check the progress of this I was told the cancelation was pending.

I was given that response for over 6 weeks.

It took 6 weeks to cancel my original order and initiate an NBN modem being sent out.

In February this year during storms we had a tree come down that took out the several power poles and the NBN connection.

I certainly dont blame Telstra for that however within a week several power poles were replaced and all power  was restored to our area.

It took almost 3 months before the service was restored and many hours on hold not to mention 2 days off work to wait at home for a technician that didnt turn up or bother to call to say they wouldnt turn up. Add an extra day for the day they eventually turned up.

To secure that appointment it involved me having to call Telstra to get a new appointment scheduled.

They answered the call reasonably quickly and found my details and said no problems I just need to pop you on hold for 2 mins to schedule a new appointment, 

I was told the same thing over 20 times until after 40 mins I said no I wasnt ok with being put on hold.

When I said I dont care what day it is that someone can come out I will ensure im there just let me know when an appointment was suddenly made.

I was told I would be credited a few months connection fees due to not having service.

That didnt happen and when I attempted to call I couldnt get any support from a person over the phone.

Somewhere during this my account details were changed to my previous address which meant every time I tried to query my bill or log a fault it rejected it because it was checking for outages at the wrong address.

This has led to my bill going into arrears as the credit hadnt been applied.

Over 2 months ago a lightning strike took out many houses NBn in my street including my neighbour who is with Telstra. He called Telstra and they logged a fault with NBn to replace the modem. NBN replaced the modem and  his issue was fixed. At least 6 NBN modems had to be replaced in my street.

I know this beccause I spoke with the NBN  tech that replaced my neighbours modem.

That being said when I advised Telstra of this (Approx 16 times so far) they insisted on me further troubleshooting and orgainsed a tech to attend site.This changed a week ago and I got a message saying a tech didnt need to attend my home any more as the issue is elsewhere in the street.

I have spent over 127 hrs on hold to Telstra and taken several days off work for the reward of 5 months internet connection whilst being charged as though its never been down.

I still currently have no internet - 9 weeks and counting.

Telstra is adamant that the fault is external to my my property although I cant get through to a human any more because it detects a fault is already logged for my account and Im told via automated message that its in progress. With the only other option to use the handy link that is text to you.

I have sent over 20 messages to this without 1` single reply.

So to recap I have had no internet for 5 months out of 12 months and its currently down (has been for over 2 months so far)

But its ok they are working on the fault external to my property  even though my modem click =s like all the others in my street that were replaced to resolved the issue.

Telstra assures me my NBN modem isnt faulty.

My modem gets a solid blue power light and the connection light flashes red and the modem clicks.

So why is it then If I plug another NBN modem in(exactly the same model)  it connects ok , doesnt click , all status lights come up and I get an NBN internet connection????????????????????


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