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Keeping bigpond email addresses when cancelling some Telstra services


I cancelled my home phone and internet with Telstra when i moved house last year, but was told since I still have my mobile phone service with you I could retain my bigpond email addresses. No fees were mentioned. And those emails have been working without any problems.

However when my parents cancelled their Telstra home phone and internet bundle last week they were told they could only keep their email addresses by paying a $79 annual fee PER email address after a twelve month period. Even though they have still got two mobile phones with Telstra.

Has your policy changed? Or am I going to be hit with a $79 bill for each of my own email addresses when twleve months comes around?

I would also like to stress, if the latter is true, my serious disgust at such a seemingly ridiculous cost, especially when some Telstra services are maintained.

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Re: Keeping bigpond email addresses when cancelling some Telstra services

What you were told was the previous policy, however I have heard from a few people that they were implementing paid email addresses for maintaining the addresses more longer term.

The email addresses do cost them money to maintain so I guess it is them recovering the cost of maintenance on those email address...although I personally think if you have an active service that you should be able to have at least one free... but yeah, regardless of our opinion it is a decision that has obviously been made for corporate reasons.

It is worth noting that amongst other carriers a $50-100 a year annual retention fee is very common, and amongst the largest providers Telstra was, while it had it, the only one I knew of that did allow maintenance for free while there was still active services.
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