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L2 Poor Customer Service Experience

I am a new customer who singed up earlier this week.


On Wednesday i started experiencing very poor connection speed - like 0.02mbps down


I contacted the Customer Support team who logged the call and advised a L2 technician will contact me. 


So earlier I see a missed call on my phone from a private number with a voice mail. I listen to the voice mail and Its the L2 technician who left a number to contact him on. The guy talked so fast i could hardly make out what he said. I tried to call the number he left but it does not exist.


I phone the Telstra support team who advised tat i need to give them 2 min to read the L2 technicians note and they will advise me. I wait for 2 min and the support person tells me that becasue if missed the call the L2 technician closed the ticket. They cannot do anything and I will have to reopen another ticket and someone will contact me again in 48 hours. 


I asked to speak to a manager but no-one was available. They couldn't advise on what instructions the technician left or a number to contact them on. THE ONLY WAY IS TO LOG ANOTHER TICKET AND WAIT 48 HOURS. So I asked, if i missed the call do we start this 'efficient' process all over again?


WTF Telstra?



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: L2 Poor Customer Service Experience



Generally the faults team should try calling a few times before closing off faults due to no contact. Have they got back to you now from the new case?


- AlistairQWA

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