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LAN plug won’t fit laptop

I have a new slime line laptop and the yellow nbn plug won’t fit into my laptop 

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: LAN plug won’t fit laptop

All LAN cables use a standard RJ45 plug and the ethernet socket on all devices is a standard RJ45 socket. If the Ethernet plug doesn't fit the socket then your laptop might not have an ethernet socket. Some of the laptops have hinged bottom on the ethernet socket and you have to insert the RJ45 plug in at a slight angle so that the hinged bottom springs out and then the rj45 plug can be inserted. There is only one way the plug goes in with the metal contacts on the opposite side to the hinge. The plug should not need to be forced in.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: LAN plug won’t fit laptop

Some new laptops also require a USB-C to ethernet adapter in order to connect a LAN cable.

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Re: LAN plug won’t fit laptop

Others will only use wireless tech to connect , look at your user guid for laptop it should tell you.

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Re: LAN plug won’t fit laptop

Sometimes the slimline laptops has an ethernet port that expands/opens up. Take a picture of the port so we can advise further.


As previously advised by “cf4” ethernet port with a hinged bottom.

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