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Lead in help needed on a private pole

Hi we have just moved home and transferred our optus and telstra services. We paid the platinum fee to ensure we have no issues. Telstra came to install phone line and advised they can not connect as it is a private pole however the telstra technician can use the pole to install the cable internet.. Optus came and installed internet no problems. Foxtel installed ok as well as it is satellite. Today telstra came to connect the cable internet and the technician advised he can not do it as it is a private pole and we need to contact NBN to do the lead in. I contacted NBN they told me to talk to the service provider to get this underway. Question is as follows
1 - can i get a private company ie MR TELCO to connect the telstra cable that is already attached to the private pole, to the house via the conduit already in place with the string. (sorry if technical terms are missing but this is not my area of expertise.)
2- can MR TELCO also install the grey box on the outside wall of the house. (cables are already through out the house.)
3- will i then be able to just hook up the modem provided by Telstra and if not what else do i need to do
4- if this has to be done by NBN how do I organise this as they have redirected me to Telstra

5- how do i get connected to Telstra cable, been loyal for 20 plus years, paid to have a problem free reconnection and information been given has been different every time i see someone or speak to someone.


I spoke to Telstra move team on Friday as the person to hang our tv's as per the platinum package did not turn up and also to advise that the technicians cannot connect to the house due to the private pole. Still waiting for a call back by my case manager.


I contacted my case manager again to day to advise no connection due to private pole and waiting on a call back. I am a little annoyed as the premium service involved someone doing a site visit to ensure there would be no issues with connection.


look forward to your reply thanks Jane

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Lead in help needed on a private pole

Hi Jane,

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble getting your services connected, were you given a reference number for this order? If so I may be able to use that to follow up on this issue for you.

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