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Leaving Telstra broadband

I’ve been a Telstra customer for more than 20 years (landline, mobile and on and off for internet). When we moved from dial-up to cable, we signed up with Telstra and that worked OK. When the NBN came in, I tried to connect to the NBN through Telstra and placed three separate orders for a connection. They posted out the NBN connection box and the smart modem in March 2020 but they kept on losing the order and never connected us to broadband. We raised this with them multiple times, both using the call centers and the chat and also in person at our local Telstra store, and we were assured that we would not be disconnected from cable without being connected to broadband. GuessWhat - last week they disconnected our cable connection without connecting us to broadband. This happened during the most recent Perth lockdown – lol. After the usual hour or two on the line, they confirmed that was what had happened, and they could find no record of any order for a broadband connection. The funny part was they then said – would you like to place an order? I politely declined. I rang iiNet - one phone call and we were connected to NBN within two business days – pretty good service compared with the rubbish that Telstra had been doing over 18 months. To add insult to injury, a week later, Telstra billed us $164 for early termination of the contract that they had lost three times!!!

The only positive in this sorry saga Is that the manager at the local Claremont WA Telstra store was brilliant. He was very apologetic and arranged a refund of the termination fee, and also discounted our mobile services which are still with Telstra (because of better coverage in country WA than the competition).

I’m posting this in the no doubt forlorn hope that someone at Telstra will read this and realize that their customer service model is stuffed. I would encourage others having the same trouble not to waste their time trying to connect with Telstra. Just cut your losses and move to a competitor. We chose iiNet because we had positive experiences with them in the past and I was interested to note they were Choice magazine’s best broadband provider three years in a row, so that must mean something.

Telstra, your customer service is simply awful.

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Support Team

Re: Leaving Telstra broadband

That doesn't sound like a good experience at all, and not what we would want to happen. Even if there were connection issues, your smart modem would be able to work off its mobile broadband backup while waiting for the NBN connection to complete. Good to hear that the Claremont manager offered good service, and you were able to get a discount on your mobile services. We definitely read all posts and welcome feedback, and we're here to help if you ever decide to give us another chance.   - Glenn

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