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Line Quality

Hi everyone On ADSL2+, generally good speeds but intermittent dropouts and slowdowns (a lot appears to be congestion). When I run the automated tests, I get: "There appears to be an issue with your line quality" Can anyone tell me what that actually means?

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Re: Line Quality

There could be an issue with your line. You could try removing you adsl splitter and just having the modem plugged in and see if that stops the drop and speed issues you are having. If not I'd recommend getting in touch with the ADSL faults team on 132200 or via livechat here

Out of curiosity, could you please post your modem stats:
On a Premium Home Network Gateway, T-Gateway, Gateway Max, or Gateway Max 2
(TG587, TG797, TG799, TG800): > Advanced > Broadband

On a Telstra Gateway
(Sagemcom F@st 5355): > Advanced > Gateway Settings > Device Info > General > xDSL (Bottom of Page)

On a Frontier Gateway
(DJN2130): > Advanced > Broadband

Default password is generally 'admin'
You're looking for line rates, power levels, attenuation etc

Are the tests being run over Ethernet or WiFi?
Are they being run during peak times (3PM-12AM)?
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Re: Line Quality

@Tim55 If you pick up the phone do you notice and line noise such as crackling?


And as @343GuiltySpark has suggested, post your modem stats when you can?

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Re: Line Quality

Quality - random intermittent slowdowns and losses - I strongly suspect congestion (although I have been assured that there is no congestion in my area, not at all).


Nothing on landline, but it doesn't ever get used for actual calls.


My current thinking is that the self-test is getting itself very confused, and it's not worth worrying about.


Line stats:

 		                Receive Direction 	Send Direction
Max. DSLAM throughput	kbit/s	22528	1280
Min. DSLAM throughput	kbit/s	256	128
Attainable throughput	kbit/s	22580	1073
Current throughput	kbit/s	19732	1073
Seamless rate adaptation		off	off
Energy-saving mode L2	off		
Latency		8 ms	4 ms
Impulse Noise Protection (INP)		2	1
G.INP		off	off
Signal-to-noise ratio	dB	7	8
Bitswap		on	on
Line attenuation	dB	13	9
Power reduction	dB	0	0
Carrier record		A43	A43


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Level 23: Superhero

Re: Line Quality

Your speeds and anntenuation look good. Signal to noise ratio not so good. What lights on the modem change when it drops, are all devices affected? With the speed slow down, is it happening late afternoon to late evening and what speeds do you normall get and what are they when it slows down?
I work for Telstra, but my opinions are my own and not that of Telstras
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Re: Line Quality

I believe the slight adjustment to SNR is due to DLM and is not necessarily a cause for concern (INP values are also slightly higher than normal which, if they haven't been manually adjusted on the modem/router, would be coming from the DSLAM). These would probably lead to, at worst, a slight increase in ping times

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