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Little to no communication on my Telstra order

Ok. So I'm frustrated right now that I just can't seem to talk to any Telstra people about.


I have an NBN order that I submitted through, that I never received any kind of confirmation email for.  No order number, no date of install/status etc..  I received a Critical Information Summary and by deducing that the attachment was named after the order number, I was able to type this online and was told that you cant view the status of these emails online.


From there, I tried calling and was directed to a messaging service.   It's annoying typing details on your phone.  I would have rather spoken to someone or do it on a laptop/desktop.   I was able to get the order escalated (meant to be a 24-48 hour turnaround) and then had to do engage with the messaging service again to see what was happening after 3 days... I threatened to cancel the order with telstra and go to another provider if I didn't hear back from them within a day.


Surprise surprise, all of a sudden I have equipment being delivered and an order install date.


What I don't have (and haven't been communicated anything) is what the impact of the nbn order will have.


The internet connection is HFC based right now and the new nbn connection will also be HFC based.  So, straight forward self-install (unplug and plug in new nbn device + telstra smart model and plug in existing phone into this).


My specific questions - 

How do I know when switch to nbn occurs?   (e.g. when I can unplug/plugin?)
Do I use my current Telstra username and password to login (or any at all)?   
Am I keeping the same phone number?   Will the recorded voicemail message for messagebank still be valid?

Really frustrates me that I have no avenue to contact Telstra but this crowd sourcing service.  Hoping some good soul can answer my questions or maybe even a Telstra person....

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