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Looking to cancel a broadband & home phone bundle service

Heya contributors, 


I live in a shared house and we have a broadband and phone line bundle that we all share. 


Recently we have been exceeding our 200g limit and have decided we need an upgrade.


We cant afford a more expensive Telstra bundle so we have decided to cancel our contract, pay the fee and move to another service.


We still have 13 months left on our contract. 


Ive read in other forums that to terminate a contract early it costs $15 a month for every month left on the contract. which in our case would total around $190. 


Firstly i want to double check that this calculation of the ETF is correct and I need more details on the following - 


-  who do i call to request the cancelation of the contract?


-  how long does cancelation process take after i make the 'request'?


-  is it possible to decrese the cross over period between one contract and the next? (currently estimated at 2 weeks)


-  will canceling and paying the ETF unlock our modem so we can use it with another carier?



I think thats all my questions for now Smiley Happy


I would really appreciate your insight!


Cheers in advance,


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Looking to cancel a broadband & home phone bundle service

The cancellation fee is actually about $21 per month remaining (starts at $504 and then reduces each month).  The 500GB plan is only $20 per month more, so by upgrading to the next higher level plan (online) would be $13 cheaper overall at the moment.


You can call 132200 and say "Cancellations" to cancel.


Cancellation would usually be at the end of the billing month (unless you sign up to another provider first - the cancellation then occurs when the new provider notifies telstra of the churn).


2 weeks is pretty standard for a churn.


Not sure whether a Telstra ASDL modem is locked to the network, I do know that the firmware that is loaded on them is a limited version though - you don't get all the features of one you buy yourself.

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