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Losing ethernet connection to iMac intermittently with Cable Modem

I have a Bigpond Ultimate Cable Home Network Gateway and since I upgraded my iMac to Mountain Lion, the internet access via Ethernet cable fails every 2-3 days. However,all other devices continue to work via Wi-Fi (including the Mac -via Airport) Looking at network diagnostics, the computer is unable to get the right DNS/IP addresses from the modem. Entering Google DNS etc doesn't work - the computer still can't access the modem's IP address. The only way of fixing this is to power cycle the modem (power cycling the computer doesn't fix it).


Rang Apple Care and they suggested it may be a firmware issue with the modem, as apparently this is happening a fair bit. I would have suspected the computer, but given that powercycling the modem fixes the problem, I can see Apple's argument. Anyone have any suggestions

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Re: Losing ethernet connection to iMac intermittently with Cable Modem

Is there a firmware up date? Report back after that as it just may be the modem 😉


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