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Low SNR problems

Not sure what to do about internet problems that I am having. It started around the beginning of 2013 when I would randomly lose my connection or have drops in speed for no apparent reason. It started off very infrequent but started to increase to the point where everyday I would have to fight for a few hours to get a solid connection. So I called Telstra and the guy said that there was no line issues and he suggested that the problem was my modem which was a Siemens Speedstream 4200 that I had had since around 2006. During the connection issues the modem would seem to reset itself for no reason so I thought that he was right and bought a new modem, an Asus DSL-N10 B1.

At first all was well and my problems seemed to be solved but within a month or two I started to again get intermittent speed issues. Due to my distance from the exchange my max speed has always been around 8Mb/s but this would drop and jump around at 2-3Mb/s and sometimes sub 1Mb/s. The plus was that the N10 has never dropped the connection but at certain times the speed just goes haywire. At first if I reset the modem then the speed would go back to normal but at a later time I will eventually encounter it again. The problem has also increased in frequency and most of the time resetting the modem will not help at all.

So around November last year I e-mailed Bigpond technical support about the problem and first they told me that they had escalated the problem to level 2 for further checking. Then after further e-mails, said that they would call me but have not done so as yet. At the moment I tend to experience these drops in speed at least once a day. Last night my speed was sitting at 0.5Mb/s.

I started to dig into the problem myself and have discovered that I have a really low sinal to noise ratio on the downstream which I learned causes issues that are just like what I am experiencing. Most of the time I have SNR down at about 2-3 when it should be around 6.
This is the current read out from my modem:

Update Counter : 863
Modulation : ADSL2+
Annex Mode : Annex A/L
Line State : up
Lan Tx : 25704
Lan Rx : 11542
ADSL Tx : 8017
ADSL Rx : 12681
CRC Down : 0
CRC Up : 12801
FEC Down : 0
FEC Up : 61583
HEC Down : 46655
HEC Up : 0
SNR Up : 6.5
SNR Down : 1.9
Line Attenuation Up : 24.7
Line Attenuation Down : 43.8
Data Rate Up : 992
Data Rate Down : 9623

I also tried an isolation test today and the problem persists even when nothing else is connected to the phoneline. I noticed that when I start up the modem the SNR will be at 6.0 but after a couple of minutes it drops to around 4 and then further to 3 or 2 as you can see above with a value of 1.9.

I have read that such an issue can come from a variety of sources and am worried that if I get Telstra to send someone out to check it they will find that the problem is with something on my end and won't fix it. When following this link ( to do my isolation test I read this part "If after you have done all this and still having issues, it isn't always a problem with your line outside your house. It very well could be an issue with your internal wiring (eg. a mouse could've chewed the wires in your roof)." Which is especially worrying since we have had a couple of mice in the house over the past few years.

Has anyone experienced similar issues or knows any solution to this? I am concerned at the possiblity of a Telstra tech coming to my house and then charging me and not fixing the problem if it has to do with my house.


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Re: Low SNR problems

Hey Blackwaltz,


This fault definitely looks to be network related, but as the link states, it always can be internal wiring. Field technicians are generally good when it comes to internal wiring issues, generally they will only charge if you would like the internal wiring replaced. In that instance you do have the ability to say no and speak to your own technician. 


If this is still ongoing I'd suggest giving us a call. We need to run testing on our end to confirm if there is a network fault affecting the service.



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Re: Low SNR problems

Hi - we had a similar problem and the telstra tech fixed the access point on the wall - my understanding is that they will be responsible to the first access point in the house. The guy who came (Grant) was very efficient and I wouldn't hesitate to get him back...
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Re: Low SNR problems

Thanks for the help. I actually called Telstra yesterday and the lady I spoke to said she would attach a profile to my connection and then call back in a few hours to see if it fixed the problem. However, it did not fix the problem nor did she call back. I guess I will try ringing again.

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