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Maximum Line rate & Attenuation

Connected to the NBN (FTTN) on the 11th October with Speedboost.  Initial Max. Line rate was 87down 37up and durring off peak times I was hitting those speeds.


At some point in the last 2-3 weeks my max line rate has dropped significantly and line attenuation has increased.  Details from my Gatemay Max2 are:


DSL Uptime                  26min 15sec

DSL Type                     VDSL2
DSL Mode                     Fast
Maximum Line rate       9.14 Mbps 47.29 Mbps
Line Rate                      9.14 Mbps 44.72 Mbps
Data Transferred          77.45 MBytes 47.81 MBytes
Output Power               12.8 dBm 8.3 dBm
Line Attenuation            17.4, 37.4, 51.9,N/A,N/A dB 21.5, 42.9, 62.4 dB
Noise Margin                6.4 dB 7.2 dB
I rang telstra last night and was told it was a congestion issue.  That is not correct.  Congestion would affect my 'line rate' not my 'max. line rate'.  A friend around the corner (on the same node) is still getting max 101down/ 44up 
I have today had a licensed cabler run a new line (Cat6) from the lead-in to my wall socket to make sure it wasn't my internal cabling that was the issue.  It made no difference.
How to I get this looked at because I know if I ring again they are going to try and palm it off as congestion again.
Reference to last nights conversation INT 1-965647251002

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Re: Maximum Line rate & Attenuation

Hi Tkek


I have been connected FTTN for the past 6 months and my speed has been rock solid no what time of day I test.


Here's my results I did just now. Maybe you can compare your readings with mine.


There are people on this board that understand what all the readings mean. I don't.  LOL


BTW........I'm approx 200 metres from the Node.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Maximum Line rate & Attenuation

It's definitely not congestion. You are correct, the maximum line rate figure is not affected by congestion, only the actual rate is.


Ring the NBN team back again and keep pushing. All you need is one person who actually understands what you are talking about to get it fixed.  Odds are is it is a dodgy wiring termination (ie. it has come slightly loose).

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