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Migration Nightmare!!

Well it would be interesting to see if I can get any satisfaction here as I really have exhausted all avenues.  In exhausting all avenues I mean ringing telstra every week to see how my migration is proceeding for the last three months and talking to someone online once at  I asked for a bundle package on the 7/3/2012 as we were wanting to get the T-box , bundle, internet, mobile phones etc all on to one bill.  I then was told this would take a month and some one would call me when this has taken place and ask me which bundle I would like.  Well six weeks went by and I phoned them on the 30/4/2012 as I didnt hear from them.  The Telstra consultant couldnt find any information on this request for the 7/3/2012 and would graciously resedt some more forms and messages to the Migration department starting the process all over again.  She told me this would take a few more weeks and then someone would call me!!!  Well no one called me so I recalled them on the 14/5/2012. The conversation went like this - the migration has been succesfull, happy days and T-box on its way.   So last week I called them to check when the T-box will arrive and to get my 4 pre-paid mobiles converted to member plans and to put on my single bill to take advantage of the free calls between each other.  Well - err there is a problem the consultant told me.  Apparently migration has been done but the bundle didnt take place and I cant put any mobile phones on the single bill because they have to work out how to get the old internet/email bill that was discovered to be on "Business" and work out how to convert this over to household consumer.  The operator told me this would take - "timeframe unknown" - but they would be monitoring the situation and some one would be in touch with me soon and also they dont really know where the Tbox is and whether it has been posted and hope this problem wont take much longer.  So I call them again today the 24/05/2012 and after 1/2 hour of quoting account numbers and reference numbers and having the consultant putting me on hold so she can read them - she found a message.  The message said that some one will call me tomorrow.  She couldnt help me any more than that.   So today the 24/2/2012 - I sit here and await a phone call from Telstra.  So if anyone out there is thinking of getting a bundle and migrating old email/internet bills to the new billing system - run fast!!!  They cant put you through to migration or any sections to sort it out -  they have to keep sending messages to them to sort out the problem - trust me I have tried several times.

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