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Migration of ADSL2+ to NBN



I have received a new Gateway as the NBN in my area is now available. I have read through the literature and there is no mention of whether my ADSL2+connection will be affected? It mentions that the migration could take up to 3 weeks but no mention of current service interruption.


Any help with this would be great



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Re: Migration of ADSL2+ to NBN

If its FTTN there will be a ten minute interruption during the day of cut over as the technician disconnects your line from exchange and connects it to the Node.

You can connect the the new gateway and it should work with your current ADSL line provided you log in using a web browser. Click on Broadband Link in gateway, enter bigpond user name and password and ensure PPP enabled is on.


Default IP address or http://192.168.1 or
Default user name and password
admin/admin or
admin/password or
admin/blank (no password)

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Re: Migration of ADSL2+ to NBN

Thanks for the reply. 


Would I be informed of the switch over date or is it likely to happen without my knowledge? 


Sorry if that's a bit of a dumb question!


Thanks again

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Re: Migration of ADSL2+ to NBN

I have received e-mail and SMS before and after the switch over...


After they switch you over, you should remove ADSL filter from the line and disconnect anything that is connected directly to any phone sockets in the house... I do not think it is made clear in their documentation.

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