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Minimizing downtime migrating ADSL2 to Telstra

I signed up with Telstra a couple of days ago.

Telstra told me I need to get my curren internet provider off my line before they can proceed. The Telstra rep told me that a churn transfer can not be done since my line is hooked up to the "strategic platform". I was told that I should advise Telstra of the date the service would be disconnected with internode so they can schedule the service re-connect better, but there still may be a down time of up to four business days.

Anyone knows what the strategic platform is? Is that part of the NBN roll-out?

Note that our line is behind a RIM and the plain old telephone line is and has to be Telstra. Until two weeks ago we could only get DSL1. Telstra upgraded the exchange (to I assume the strategic platform), and my current provider raised a port upgrade ticket and now I get slightly faster speeds via ADSL2 (8 mbit/s vs 6 mbit/s).

What is the most efficient way to schedule the disconnect and the reconnect minimizing downtime between providers? A day lead time? A week? On a Monday? On a Friday? Any hints appreciated.

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Re: Minimizing downtime migrating ADSL2 to Telstra

What is the most efficient way to schedule the disconnect and the reconnect minimizing downtime between providers?

I'm stating the obvious here: arrange to have a back-up broadband access solution, e.g. using your mobile phone as a personal wireless hotspot or tethered modem, that meets your basic/minimum requirements with regard to performance, and you can minimise your downtime from the user perspective. The only scheduling consideration you will have, then, is that the back-up solution is in place before the disconnection.


Yes, I'm ignoring cost impact to you as the paying customer. Which is more important to you – no additional cost, or no (or minimum) downtime?

Any hints appreciated.

If containing costs takes priority over containing downtime, well, I hear prayer is free – but I don't practise it myself, and cannot speak to its effectiveness.

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Re: Minimizing downtime migrating ADSL2 to Telstra

Drat: Yes, I do have a 3G as a secondary access method in place. (Using it to post this entry). Obviously, 3G operates at a very different quality of service compared to ADSL2. In my area anyways ;-)


My confusion is around the different messaging that I get from different parties. Here is what I have learned so far. Note that this only applies when your line is hooked up to the "Strategic Platform" and also note that this is a current snapshot of what is believed to be true at this point in time. I hope that this may be helpful to someone in a similar situation:

  • My current provider raised the disconnet request this morning. Even though they told me that it might take a couple of business days to get this disconnected, my current providers codes were taken off the line rather quickly. Telstra confirmed that my current providers codes have been removed about two hours after my internet connectivity went down this morning. It might have been quicker than two hours, I just happened to call 2 hours after the disconnection.
  • It looks like the migration is all logical with no physical access to the exchange required. That is very good news in my model of the world. Note that this contradicts what my current provider thought needs to happen, so this is very good news indeed.
  • The rep on the "bundle hotline" "escalated the case to the case manager", who needs to assign the Telstra codes to the line for internet connectivity. The rep also mentioned that he moved the earliest provisioning date to today, Monday. It was previously captured as Wednesday after I told them on Friday that my current will send the disconnect request on Monday. So there is a 2 day potential time saving right here.
  • Expediting the request via the normal expediting process moves the ticket to a different system which can not deal with the "strategic platform" and the order would have to be entered again, so that was not done.
  • I can't talk to the case manager. Even the Telstra "bundle hotline" that covers the migration can not. Information exchange is only via the electronic back-end. I did ask for the urgency of the request to be captured in the ticket hoping that this makes a difference.
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Re: Minimizing downtime migrating ADSL2 to Telstra

For the curious, I did post a summary on whirlpool:

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