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Modem (N55U) causing slow adsl2+ connection.

I purchased the Asus N55U on friday, set it up and now my connection is a 5th of what it used to be. 


So a little background information, I was previously using the D-Link dsl-2642b modem/router, with that modem I was recieving a pretty stable 10mbps (+/- 500kbps) down connection and 500kbps (+/- 100kbps) up. That modem was in service for a number of years, and hasn't had a problem. I decided to upgrade to the Asus N55U to take advantage of it's networking features. Since connecting the N55U I am receiving a down connection of only 2mbps (+/- 1000kbps) down, my up has stayed pretty much the same. Interestingly, the data rate on the connection has not changed since the D-Link, I'm just not seeing it translate into a real world connection anymore. 


I am currently using firmware version on the N55U, which is the most current and upto date version. The router is Hardware version VA1. I did manage for a day to get it to give me a 12mbps connection with a few firmware tweaks, but that seems to have randomly stopped and I'm back down to 2mbps, whilst the connection itself is stable the speed is not. I am just over 1km from the exchange. 



Here are my stats


Modulation : ADSL2+
Annex Mode : Annex A/L
Line State : up
Lan Tx : 65936
Lan Rx : 47795
ADSL Tx : 46064
ADSL Rx : 60307
CRC Down : 0
CRC Up : 3
FEC Down : 0
FEC Up : 3156
HEC Down : 22
HEC Up : 0
SNR Up : 11.0
SNR Down : 11.2
Line Attenuation Up : 25.1
Line Attenuation Down : 46.0
Data Rate Up : 728
Data Rate Down : 8469


I'm pulling my hair out over this one, connecting the D-Link back up gives me the same 10mbps connection back again. There is no crackle on my line, isolation testing doesn't solve the problem, I've cold cycled, and as I mentioned I've even gone so far as to re-write some portions of the firmware. This doesn't seem to be a fault on my line, or a fault with my connection, it seems to be something wrong with the N55U. I have tried contacting asus directly but they are uninterested in responding (how's that for after sales support). 

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Re: Modem (N55U) causing slow adsl2+ connection.



i have recently purchased a n55u, i have had constant drop outs and the slowest speeds possible! but it seems to be stable now and speeds seem to be comparable to my old d-link. i have changed my stability adjustment to -5db and it upped my down SNR to around 8-9 (was a 1-3)


my log is

Modulation : ADSL2+
Annex Mode : Annex A/L
Line State : up
Lan Tx : 3110279
Lan Rx : 2097843
ADSL Tx : 988895
ADSL Rx : 1620808
CRC Down : 0
CRC Up : 5987
FEC Down : 0
FEC Up : 12403
HEC Down : 22110
HEC Up : 0
SNR Up : 9.9
SNR Down : 9.1
Line Attenuation Up : 30.6
Line Attenuation Down : 52.4
Data Rate Up : 747
Data Rate Down : 4579


but your SNR's are higher than mine.

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