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Move Order Closed and I do not know why as I am moving

I submitted a move order but it has been completed.  Telstra rang and said their was an NBN Co resource issue with HFC NBN connections at my new address but said they would call back in 3 days to let me know if they could re-establish the old ADSL connection or we could potentially discuss mobile broadband options and whether 5G was available.


Telstra did not get back to me as promised and I have found my move order has been marked 'Completed'.  Tried calling, plus Codi messaging etc to no avail.  Orginal Moving Order:

Thank you for booking your move with us


Reference number



I have now re-entered a New Moving Request in the hope that someone from Telstra will call me.  If HFC NBN is not available from NBN Co currently then I need to talk though the options and perhaps determine a new plan.

Does anyone know how I can contact the Telstra Moving Team or why the Moving Order was marked Completed?

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