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Move order on hold indefinitely?????

I created a move order at the end March which was to go into effect April 1st at my new place. When I arrived my cable internet was working here as was my TV, then Telstra decided that as I was to be moved to NBN and they needed to send me out my new NBN device to disconnect my cable internet and leave me to use the backup 4G mode. I have yet to receive the devices for NBN which were supposedly to be delivered on the 14th and I cannot get through to anyone to find the status of my order. I have tried the chat through the app and they tell me I will receive an email when there is an update. -_-  I have put through a complaint with no response to it and I cannot get through to the call centres on this. It is ridiculous! 


The 4G backup is substandard internet and I have to often reboot it to even get it to work. I am not paying for this service as this is not what I signed on for. I am considering cancelling my service and going to another company but realise even cancelling is impossible as I cannot contact anyone to do so.  HELP!

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