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Move service and connect new nbn

I’ve moved house and can’t get Telstra to move our service and connect our new place to nbn. 
I’m paying for broadband service at my old house and I don’t live there anymore.

i can’t even cancel the service. No one answers calls and the App Doesn’t get you anywhere. 
any help is appreciated 😊

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Move service and connect new nbn

Have you at any stage lodged a move request?


It can be difficult getting anywhere with Telstra these days, 132200 might work (but not always) and with the app, go to Get Help, then click on the Blue chat window icon..  when asked questions, type "Consultant" or "Speak to a consultant", use the 3 dots in the top right to mark the Message as Urgent then send it..


That will put you in a queue for someone to contact you back by message - provided that you don't log out of the app and have Notifications enabled, you can then close the app and wait to receive the notification of a message response - you can then start chatting directly..


If all that is too hard, you can always try going into a store, but check if you need to make an appointment first..


If that doesn't get you anywhere, there is always..   but it is always best to have details, reference numbers etc. when you do that - and that can take several business days to get a response as well (they seem a little busy there of late, for some reason  Smiley Happy  )

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Re: Move service and connect new nbn

Sorry to hear of your problems.

I also find Telstra to be un-contactable.

However, if you have old tech, you might be able to reach them by Fax, or even send a handwritten complaint by mail.

Maybe someone at Telstra will read it, eventually. Maybe. Perhaps.......

Fax your complaint to 1800 753 949

Write a snail mail letter.....


Telstra Complaints
Locked Bag 20026
Melbourne VIC 3001


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