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Moved house and am now on the wrong exchange

Hey guys. 


I'm hoping that someone could give me a straight answer as to where to go from here before I head to Telecommunications Ombudsman as I'm over trying to speak with people that are not willing to help. 


I moved house 6 months ago from another part of our city. The exchange in the city supplied me with bareable speeds of 1.5 meg a second (which is funny because a lot of you are complaining of 5 meg a second) Smiley Happy However now I can only download at a MAX off 450 - 500kbps; absolutely appauling! 


Now, I have checked as to which exchange I am currently connected to and Telstra still have me on the same exchange I was on before I moved. It's now 4km from my house. 


There is an exchange that supplies ADSL 2+ to my area that is only 1.5kms away and yet Telstra do not want to negotiate and help get me on the correct exchange. I will guarantee you that there will be people in my exact position that have moved to the other side of town and should be moved to the other exchange to allow for available ports for the people who ARE PAYING for high dollars for a terrible terrible service. I can't even stream NETFLIX without it switching between different bitrates constantly. 


Anyone know what my next move is? Because unfortuantely it is all Telstra infrastructure and no other provider can help me because of that. 




Thanks for your time guys. 



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Re: Moved house and am now on the wrong exchange

Not much you can do.  It all comes down to where the lines were laid from originally.  If there are no lines going from your current address to the exchange that is physically closest to you then there is no way of getting connected to it.


The TIO will not be able to do anything about it either, it is not within their power to do anything with this sort of situation.

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Re: Moved house and am now on the wrong exchange

Jup has hit the nail right on the head there my friend.


Sometimes it's a bit of a lottery as to where lines run to and from, can very much depend on the age of the exchange, eg. when one exchange was comissioned compared to another, the area being serviced etc. and certainly a whole new set of lines (duplication) wouldn't be entertained to run in the opposite direction.



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