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Moved house - what does it take to get the NBN to turn up??

I put in a request to move my home NBN, phone & Foxtel on 22.11.17 for 01.12.17.

A very long story short.

03.12.17 - Foxtel connected --Yay

06.12.17 - NBN due. NO show, no phone call - nothing.

NBN rescheduled to 11.12.17

11.12.17 - NBN arrived - cannot connect as there is no cable from street to house -why did Telstra not know this when they processed the move request??

12.12.17 - Complaint manger said NBN new date for lines only (no connection) 03.01.18

Then have to ring next day for a new connection order.

21.12.17 - Noticed connection date had been changed to 19.01.18

Complaints Manager did not ring to notify me. When I rang they said the date had been changed on 18.12.17 by NBN.

04.01.18 - Connection date on tracker changed again to 17.01.18. Rang Complaints Manager again, I had not been notified. I will be away on that date. New date sought for 12.01.18

12.01.18 - Guess what??? NBN a NO Show again, no phone call-nothing. Have tried to ring Complaints Manager & had to leave a message for them to ring back in 24 hrs!!!!!!


Back on the 13.12.17 I had to purchase a dongle so Telstra can drip feed me data. I am ring at least 2-3 times a week to have more data added. This is without letting a teenager use the small amounts I have so I can try to work.


Testra what happened to loyalty to customers. I would leave except I will have to start with the same problems with another provider. Have been loyally with your company for over 45 years. You are a disgrace!!!!!!!!

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Moved house - what does it take to get the NBN to turn up??

Hi annoyed222,


This is definitely not the experience we want for anyone and we apologise this has been the case for you. Understanding you do have a case manager assigned, if you happen to have your SR reference, we'd like to follow this up further for you and find out what's going on.

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Re: Moved house - what does it take to get the NBN to turn up??

We ve had nbn for 18 months it is a nightmare

dont ask for it because you will regret it, stick with the old technology

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Moved house - what does it take to get the NBN to turn up??

sounds like they have moved into an area with no previous connection and that area is already in the NBN Ready For Service category which would mean they would have no option to take up connection via old technology (unless it was a cable connection area and their area is in the stop sell currently in that case they can take up Telstra Cable instead at the moment), even if they could, once the RFS 18 month period is up they would be forced to change or lose the connection again anyway... because the law is written in a way that was designed to force everyone one so they govt can ensure everyone will be on their network and maximise their return on it...
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